Celebrating Philippine Culture: A Filipino Movie Night in Koblenz 2024

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In a heartfelt celebration of Filipino culture and community, students of Cultural Studies from the University of Koblenz, in partnership with Koblenz Verbindet, Beirat für Migration und Integration, and Helping Hands e.V., and in collaboration with The Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurt and The UP Alumni Association in Germany, organized an unforgettable Filipino movie night. This event, held on April 18, 2024, at the KulturFabrik Koblenz, was a vibrant showcase of Filipino arts and traditions, aimed at fostering cultural exchange and integration.

A Night of Filipino Dance, Film, and Cuisine

The evening was a dynamic blend of film, dance, food, and literature, providing attendees with a rich and immersive experience of Filipino culture. Dance performances by the Filipino Catholic Community Limburg, champions of the 2024 Sinulog Dance competition, and the Schönstaatt Filipino-English Group from Vallendar, mesmerized the audience with their lively and spirited routines, highlighting the diversity and vibrant dance tradition of the Philippines.

Literary Highlights with Al Joseph Lumen

Ausländer ni Al Joseph Lumen

Adding a literary dimension to the evening, Al Joseph Lumen, a Filipino healthcare worker and writer, enthralled the audience with his book “Auslander,” which sheds light on the experiences of Filipino healthcare workers living and working in Germany.

Links to pre-order this book are available below.

Exploring Filipino Cuisine with Tourism Attaché Daks Gonzales

In tribute to Filipino Food Month, Tourism Attaché Daks Gonzales guided attendees through a culinary journey of Filipino cuisine, focusing on dishes from Western Visayas that highlights the region’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. From the savory adobo to the famous Philippine Ube, Dir. Gonzales encourages everyone to try traditional dishes and immerse in the flavors of the regions, each offering unique culinary delight that reflect the country’s vibrant history and traditions.

Insights from Vice Consul Fatima Mueller

Vice Consul Fatima Mueller from the Philippine Consulate General in Frankfurt expressed her hope that events like the Filipino Movie Night would challenge stereotypes and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of Filipino culture among the German community. Vice Consul Mueller advocated for greater inclusion, cultural variety, and closer people-to-people ties between the Philippines and Germany.

Screening of “Leonor Will Never Die”

The highlight of the evening was the screening of “Leonor Will Never Die,” a Filipino psychological comedy-drama directed by Martika Ramirez Escobar. The film stars Sheila Francisco as a retired screenwriter who finds herself the action hero of her own unfinished screenplay. This homage to Filipino action films from the 1970s and 1980s, featuring stellar performances by Bong Cabrera, Rocky Salumbides, and Anthony Falcon, left a lasting impression on the audience, celebrating the rich cinematic heritage of the Philippines.

Collaborative Efforts Behind the Event

President, Koblenz Verbindet

Dirk Schäfer, President of Koblenz Verbindet, Beirat für Migration und Integration, and Managing Director of Sigma Personal, played a crucial role in bringing together the organizers along with Helping Hands e. V., underscoring the collaborative effort behind the successful event.

The Filipino Movie Night in Koblenz was more than just a cultural event; it was a celebration of unity, diversity, and shared experiences. Through film, dance, food, and literature, attendees were taken on a journey that transcended borders, fostering lasting connections and a deeper appreciation for the bonds that unite us all.

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Ms. Gretchen Gipp of Helping Hands e.V


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